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About us

Kaplunk will not sell your data.

Kaplunk was founded by a businessperson who was once a job applicant.

He started questioning the ethics and the reasons for complicating a recruitment process that wasted talent instead of appreciating skills, for him, the in-market strategy was raising eyebrows. He questioned if it was ethical or correct, that an industry has been created from jobseekers just seeking employment.

Realising the enormous profits that traditional recruitment agencies are pocketing from employers (£40 billion annual turnover) he wanted to provide a moral voice for candidates and employers.

This train of thought led to a genius idea—Kaplunk

In 2022 Kaplunk launched the first UK Employment Community Platform, for the sole use and attributed to Human Resources Management teams and applicants alike. This will simplify the employment process for Human Resources teams and applicants, with a transformative approach to saving recruiter fees and promoting ethical recruitment. 

Removing recruitment companies from the hiring process will assist companies in completing the recruitment process for themselves with in-house experience in human resources. By connecting directly with our diverse talented community, companies will make significant savings in recruitment fees, and open the opportunity for applicants to highlight themselves directly.

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Our advanced functionality and user experience rival traditional job platforms and have some key features to help employers filter application responses.

How is Kaplunk a moral voice for the candidates?

Kaplunk aims to raise awareness to help candidates realise they do not need recruitment agencies. The long-lasting marketing strategy needs to come to an end. The embedded requirement of signing up with a recruiter wastes time and talent. It is an unnecessary step. What if the employer can directly communicate with the potential employee?

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A saved recruiter fee allows employers the freedom to re-invest in their company and current personnel. Traditional recruitment agencies charge staggering percentages, sometimes as high as 25% of the starting salary. The average recruitment fee is £6,000. This is a significant expense for HR – why pay it when there is an ethical alternative?

Financial stability

Strategies such as bonuses, childcare vouchers, or in-house training offer job security. In other words, the applicant is likelier to remain loyal to the company and contribute skills to their operations. Additionally, the applicant can quickly recover from inflating the cost of living throughout the UK.


The responsibility also lies on the candidates to realise their worth and the value of their skills. The intermediatory business will exploit its innocence if it regularly engages with recruitment agencies. The candidates must stand up for themselves, as the recruitment industry would not exist without them.

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Ask any candidate, and they will say they wish to meet the employer directly. They can communicate and display their skills to convince the interviewer. Unfortunately, recruitment agencies worry about their profits rather than highlighting the candidates. As a result, the applicant is overlooked. Kaplunk ensures the employer understands the candidate’s strong points to realise they are an excellent fit for the organisation.


The professional relationship is based on trust, Kaplunk ensures that every candidate is safe.


The absence of an independent regulator has given recruitment agencies a free hand to set their prices. Kaplunk stands against the unfair profit generation of professionals and is commited to saving recruitment fees for companies by connecting as a community.

We aim to do our part to raise awareness and promote just practices.

Job security

Recruitment agencies will take money from employers before candidates have started to work. Their services do not offer job security, and the applicant is not guaranteed to work in the organisation for a long time. The candidate may not like their communication protocol or internal operations.

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Why work with Kaplunk?

Cost-saving hiring

Kaplunk is a cost-effective online human resources platform easily accesible to individuals. It is a reliable medium for employees and employers to connect with each other. The employer can post a job directly to the community in less than a few minutes.

Promote your business

Kaplunk also offers dynamic content where the employer can successfully brand their organisation. We attract the best talent and promote a healthy corporate culture. Kaplunk incorporates technology to attract organic traffic for maximum engagement.

Wide candidate pool

Kaplunk offers a wide scale of candidates that benefits employers. The applicants are locally and internationally sourced. In addition, the shortened hiring process is based on a few clicks that build a trustworthy professional relationship. The employer can search for the ideal candidate, after applying filters.

Flexible filtration

Regarding filtration, Kaplunk offers experience, education, job experience, and competency parameters for excellent assessment. Its e-recruitment user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate.

Work with Kaplunk today!

Kaplunk aims to create a helpful community of employers and applicants with common benefits. Our operations revolve around ethics, and the Kaplunk online marketing team will provide expert recommendations based on robust research.


We are a team of experts and tech gurus who combine traditional employment practices with technology and user-friendly ethics.

Kaplunk is dedicated to being a community platform that benefits the employer by saving community fees, allowing the applicants the opportunity to highlight theire skills directly to the employer.

We are fully compliant with the UK employment agency's legislation.

For more information or queries about a job posting, you can email us at [email protected].

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