Importance Of HR In Healthcare

A Cultural Challenge

As nations become more culturally diversified, the many human resources departments in healthcare face a growing challenge. How to meet all the cultural needs of the expanding population.

It is a challenge faced by the HR departments around the world. Not only do the HR departments need to find skilled healthcare workers, but they must also devise a compensation package that keeps healthcare workers from leaving.

Meeting these two and other staffing challenges shows why the HR department is very important in healthcare.

Importance Of HR In Healthcare

If you have ever seen the old comedy and entertaining plate spinners that used to be very popular, then you would understand the HR department very clearly.

Just like those old-fashioned entertainers, the healthcare HR departments have many plates spinning in the air and they have to rush around making sure none of them fall. If one or more do, then the healthcare system for that organisation comes to a standstill.

The challenges of the healthcare HR department include:

  • Creating attractive pay packages
  • Attracting experienced and skilled workers for all healthcare departments
  • Advocating for employees and management
  • Working to retain current employees
  • Hiring and training the right people
  • Understanding and following all legal and regulatory rules
  • Improve patient satisfaction

These are just some of the plates the HR department has spinning at the same time. The duties they perform make the HR department invaluable to every healthcare organisation.

One more challenge the healthcare HR department faces is finding enough culturally skilled workers to meet the needs of the diverse cultural patient population. It is a never-ending battle of challenges for the HR departments in healthcare.

When they fail to meet those challenges then every department in healthcare suffers. That is not a great scenario for healthcare workers or patients.

Recruitment and Selection


One of the strategies that healthcare HR departments can implement is DEI (Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion).

Looking for diverse applicants, keeping the job hiring process equitable, and including as many talented applicants as possible is a strategy that helps find the most skilled workers no matter their cultural background.

By using DEI principles, the HR department may be able to kill two birds with one stone. Not only are they finding the most qualified workers available, but they are also helping to improve patient satisfaction by providing patients with healthcare workers who understand their individual needs and beliefs.

Then the strategies the HR department can employ to attract new applicants are:

1. Provide Training And Advancement Opportunities- No one wants to be stuck in the same position at the same pay scale for their career. Providing training and advancement opportunities helps attract qualified and skilled workers to their organisation.

2. Consider Using Signing Bonuses- Money talks and to convince someone to work for you, offer them a bonus just for signing up.

3. Create Tantalising Compensation Packages- The bottom line is not just for businesses. Healthcare workers are looking at their bottom line as well and if the compensation package is great, then they will sign up.

4. Provide Better Job Security- This is for those non-essential positions in healthcare that are generally considered expendable. But replacing workers at this level is just as expensive as it is replacing essential workers. Providing more programs that provide job security is one way to cut expenses and keep vital personnel.

5. Stay Current On All Laws And Compliance Issues- Keeping up-to-date on HIPPA and other regulations saves the organisation from facing lawsuits, fines, and other expensive fees. These savings can be invested back into the organisation to build loyalty and patient satisfaction.

6. Upgrade Technologies- These additions can help improve doctor-patient contact as well as speed up diagnosis and bring patient satisfaction up to acceptable levels.

How Kaplunk As A Platform Helps HR In Healthcare

With all the challenges that healthcare HR departments must meet and overcome, it pays to have a helping hand. Even HR departments need a little help as their many duties can be overwhelming at times.

This is where Kaplunk comes in. It is HR’s superpower and it helps streamline the search and hiring process. Kaplunk was started by a man who was frustrated by the current recruitment agency process.

He felt that their ethics were not up to par and he wanted to change the system and provide better aid to HR departments. His design puts HR departments in direct contact with applicants.

Kaplunk is a website that removes the middleman and provides a platform where both parties can meet and discuss job openings freely and without fear. This process provides two important advantages:

1. It helps HR departments find the skilled and qualified talent they need.

2. It saves HR departments a lot of money by removing the middleman’s fee.

Kaplunk also speeds up the hiring process so more money is saved by filling vacancies quicker. What disappears will be the expensive recruiting agency fees which helps the organisation’s bottom line.

The goal of the company is to match the right applicant to the right job opening no matter where it is in healthcare.

The Future of HR in Healthcare is Kaplunk

Kaplunk’s system is an ethical and transparent process that makes sure HR departments can find the right talent for their vacancies. Also, applicants have equal opportunities to apply for those vacancies they are qualified to fill.

The important aspect of Kaplunk’s system is that applicants get the chance to convince the HR department of their skills, motivation, etc., without having to be filtered out by recruiting agencies.

Key Takeaways

1. Healthcare HR departments face daunting challenges daily

2. Finding skilled and qualified healthcare workers takes time and money

3. If HR falters in meeting its challenges, all healthcare departments suffer

4. Kaplunk can help meet those challenges

5. There is a way to save money and time in the hiring process using Kaplunk’s system

6. Kaplunk’s system is the future for job recruitment and HR department success

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