Importance of HR in Advertising


If It Was Easy


Working in HR departments is always a challenge. It is also very difficult at times but if it was easy, then everyone could do it. Those who excel under the type of pressure existing in advertising HR departments have great talent and a lot of fortitude.


They can find the right applicants to fill the high-pressure jobs that permeate the advertising industry. That strength is one reason why the HR department in advertising is so important.


Without their contribution to the advertising company, the industry may falter and not produce high-quality work.


Importance of HR in Advertising


The HR personnel is faced with daily issues that can affect the performance of the company Here are some of those issues that make the HR departments in advertising so important:

  • Reducing Turnover- The HR department is tasked with constructing schedules, compensation, and benefits that retain employees and make them feel appreciated.
  • Decrease Burnout- This is a vital issue that HR has to deal with. With the high pressure of the advertising industry, burnout is a common problem. Decreasing the rate of burnout helps the company retain employees while keeping it firing on all cylinders.
  • Improving Mental Health- Another influential health issue that increases the rate of turnover. HR is tasked with improving the work culture to preserve the mental health of the company's employees.
  • Attracting The Right Talent- Advertising is not for everyone and it is up to HR to weed out those who do not qualify for the responsibilities and pressures of the advertising business. They need to do this by correctly advertising the skills needed as well as creating some attractive compensation packages.
  • Implementing DEI Protocols- Another difficult task of the HR department and it must also watch out for workplace cyber and other bullying. The department has to create and implement procedures that aid DEI processes while removing harmful elements from the industry’s culture.

While the HR department is doing all of this, they also need to help build trust in the employees. It is not a position for the weak-hearted. But performing these and other duties shows the importance of HR in the advertising industry.


Recruitment And Selection


When it comes to attracting new talent, the HR department often shares some of the same strategies that the marketing department uses. The HR department needs to raise brand awareness to attract new talent to the company.


This is done through media coverage, press releases, announcing awards or rewards, and other public announcements that get the attention of the top talent. The difficult task is to use these strategies to make them legitimate and not simply hype or PR work.


Using these marketing strategies, the HR department can present a great first impression and show possible candidates the excellent culture of the company.


After drawing a lot of attention to the company, then the HR department should practice good ethical hiring principles to select the right candidate for the open positions.


These ethical principles will help the HR department find the most qualified candidates and advance them to the next rounds of the hiring process. It should also save them a lot of time as they have direct contact with the applicants.


It is essential during the selection process for the HR department to lay out the company’s values and see who will be able to adopt those values. This will help them filter out those possible hires that may not integrate very well.


To go the extra mile, the HR department can welcome new hires with their desk, computer equipment, a welcome letter, a goodie bag as well as a team lunch. This should make new hires feel welcome and wanted.


How Kaplunk As A Platform Helps HR In The Advertising Industry


Kaplunk is filling a void in the recruitment sector of the business world. It got its start when one of its founders felt frustrated by the current recruiting processes. As he travelled through the process, he analysed each step he took.


He found that the hiring practices were often not ethical and some were very complicated to navigate. Also, the current process seemed to overlook qualified candidates for several reasons. 


With all of this information, the founder of Kaplunk streamlined the hiring process, removed the middleman and their fees, as well as implemented many ethical hiring principles to make the process more fair.


How Kaplunk Helps HR Find The Right Talent


The business strategy Kaplunk employs streamlines the process by putting applicants in direct contact with employers, and vice versa. What this method does is enable the HR departments to view and interview all candidates and not just the ones the recruiting agencies like.


During this streamlined process, the candidates have the opportunity to show the HR departments what they are made of and what skills they offer the advertising companies. This helps the HR department make better hiring decisions.


Kaplank Saves HR Time And Money


This is the benefit that companies who use Kaplunk’s methods get. Not only do they save on the high recruiting agency’s fees but they also save money by filling their vacant positions faster.


With the savings the Kaplunk method brings, HR departments get a break from the high pressure they are under to find the right candidates fast. It is a win-win for HR departments that make them look good in their bosses' eyes.


These are important savings as time is money and the recruiting agency’s fees can be up to 25% of the monthly starting salary of the successful recruit. With the job filled faster, the advertising company can meet its client's needs on time.


Key Takeaways


1. Advertising HR departments are under a lot of pressure to find the right candidates quickly


2. Advertising HR departments have challenging issues to solve


3. Recruitment is made easier using the Kaplunk method of ethical hiring


4. Kaplunk will save companies a lot of time and money throughout the recruitment and hiring process

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