Developing a diverse community that will elevate equality and opportunity.

We celebrate diversity, and treating everyone fairly is a two-way process. Diversity is essential in the workforce for creating emphatic and inclusivity and is a priority for many companies. By creating a positive link between applicants and employers, we would like everyone to unite as a community to promote diversity in the working environment.

Delivering on diversity is everyone’s responsibility we aim to deliver a shared purpose on this platform by creating a workforce community that is reflective of our diverse society and will champion a culture of continuous improvement and quality.

The concept of a multi-gender workforce is not new. It has been a topic under discussion throughout history. However, when one wonders about diversity, the concept is immediately linked to gender. Surprisingly, the concept is a lot broader.


Diversity in recruiting

Acquired diversity involves factoring in decisions based on education, values, skills, and knowledge. On the other hand, inherent diversity involves gender, age, and race. In common terms, recruitment diversity means comprehension, acceptance, and appreciation of individuals of different ethnicities, ages, religions, races, and gender. In addition, other variables that introduce diversity are personalities, experience, sexual orientation, and knowledge.

A wide talent pool

Businesses seek diversity in recruitment to engage with a broad applicant pool. Moreover, the candidate will be more interested in working for the company because he/ she is curious about different backgrounds. As a result, engagement increases.

Goodwill generation

Each employer seeks to build a unique brand in the market. Introducing diversity in recruiting is seen as a business strategy to promote the company. Diversity appeals to candidates, investors, customers, and shareholders.

Employer-employee happiness

Employees with unique cultural backgrounds seek acceptance. Their primary intention is to work in a company where they are not sidelined or outcasted. Therefore, recruitment in diversity means appreciating candidates regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age. Acceptance will make the workforce happy. As a result, productivity increases. Moreover, they are less likely to leave their job too.

Enhances skills and talent

Diversity in recruitment results in a better understanding of customer needs. A culturally rich workforce better understands customer challenges than a uniform operating core. Therefore, diversity can provide customer insight which will improve logistics.


The challenges to diversity in recruitment

Before a company plans to compose a diverse workforce, it must identify the gaps to prevent repeating challenges. Therefore, an employer must monitor and update the parameters for fulfilling vacancies. They must analyse the diverse employees' percentage, source, and other factors.

Lack of female applicants

Achieving gender quality in a workforce is closely linked to diversity. Unfortunately, attracting female applicants is still an issue, and here is why: Firstly, some jobs are meant for men because the nature of work is labour-intensive.

Therefore, female applicants are immediately rejected. Secondly, the report suggests that women apply less because they do not fit all employee requirements. Moreover, Harvard Business Review suggests women apply to a company after analysing their workforce gender ratio and the role of females in the organisation.

Diversity long term

Diversity is a long-term strategy that involves planning and revision. Moreover, it requires support from the current workforce too. The employer must ensure the strategy is seen through rather than stop at the hiring step. Unfortunately, the action will make it difficult to retain diverse employees because they will feel unappreciated.

Diversity is more than gender

As mentioned above, diversity in recruitment involves religion, age, race, and so much more. Therefore, the employer must personalise the requirements to target diversity successfully. They must carefully construct an inclusive job advert without restrictions and gender-specific requirements.

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Eliminate bias

Bias can unknowingly introduce more challenges to diversity in recruitment. Therefore, the employer must identify these biases and ensure everyone makes a mindful decision. In addition, they are also encouraged to introduce diversity as an organisational core value too.


When individuals from different backgrounds come together, it leads to innovation. Kaplunk emphasises that creativity combines experience, work ethos, and cultural learning, leading to ideas. Moreover, close collaboration leads to better output too.


Which tools promote diversity in recruitment?

Introduce AI

Technology and AI to reduce issues with diversity and compliance. Organisations introduce automated software that filters the candidate pool focusing on experience, education, and rank. The filtration reduces manual interaction, which sometimes causes bias. As a result, the strongest candidates are presented.

Nameless resumes

The most common practice that emphasises diversity in recruitment is browsing the names with redacted applicant names. Unfortunately, names can lead to unconscious bias. College name, year, and address are also removed to ensure the candidate’s skills shine.


Unbiased interviews

Nameless interviews turn into blind interviews. The interview involves answering the interviewer anonymously. In addition, personal information is also removed. Most companies now involve technology that hides the voice and makes it completely neutral to identify the best addition to their organisation.

Kaplunk celebrates diversity

Kaplunk insists on treating everyone equally and positively influencing the employer-employee relationship. We aim to create a well-educated community with ethics and a robust display of cultural empowerment.

Kaplunk focuses on building a direct relationship with the employer. Therefore, if you are searching for an ideal job, visit the online platform today. For more information on diversity in the workplace, visit www.gov.uk/equality-and-diversity.

Register at Kaplunk today and become part of a greater movement.


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