How HR teams ensure new hires align with your company culture.

04 March 2024

Employ ethical hiring practices

This is one way for the HR team to ensure that new hires fit in with the current company culture. Maintaining the same corporate cultural attitude starts at the beginning and finding the right employees through ethical hiring practices.

But there is a lot more to achieving this objective than ethically hiring workers. The HR department has its work cut out for it as it needs to ensure that the company culture is supported by the upper-echelon levels of the company.

There are other duties the HR department needs to perform to achieve the objective of maintaining the current corporate culture. Keep reading to find out what this department needs to do.

Incorporating new hires into the company’s culture

1. Keeping leaders consistent

The company leaders must support and maintain the company’s values that are printed on the company’s website. Without that support, the company culture will disintegrate and turn into a chaotic mess. HR often must see that the company leaders practice what is preached on the company website.

2. Model the accepted behaviour

HR members need to model the same values they expect new hires to maintain. The HR team is the driving force behind the culture found in each company and they need to embody it for it to be successful.

3. Provide the right tools

These tools are designed to maintain the current company culture. These tools can be:

  • Offering further educational training
  • Helping to add qualifications to the employees.
  • Creating coaching and mentoring programs
  • Encourage positive interaction between teams.
  • Add leadership training programs.

4. Use ethical considerations in recruitment

There are a variety of methods the HR department can employ to ensure that ethical hiring practices discover the best candidates for the company.

These considerations include:

  • Writing inclusive job descriptions
  • Employing blind hiring techniques
  • Create unconscious bias training in the hiring process.
  • Allow for reasonable adjustments during the interview process.
  • Watch diversity hiring metrics.
  • Offer targeted internships

On top of those ideas, HR can redesign the culture of the company by offering incentives like hybrid employment, remote work opportunities, or flexible scheduling.

5. Provide company direction instructions

New hires may not understand the direction the company is going in. This means that the Human Resources team needs to provide clear instructions on this issue. New hires won’t fit into the company’s culture if they do not understand it.

The HR team needs to show support for the company’s direction by providing a sustainable culture. This takes proper instruction at the beginning of the hiring process.

6. Add culture to every communication with employees

This is done by including the company’s core values and mission statement in all employee communications. Reminding the employees what the company is all about helps new hires adapt to the new environment they are working in.

7. Ensure the company culture is applied in all departments

Human Resources has to see that the different company departments do not go their own way and implement their own culture within the individual departments. The HR team needs to make sure that the overall company culture is implemented into every facet of the company.

8. Be an Influencer

This is not on the employee level but on the management level. The HR department acts like a mirror and if it does not like what it sees, it needs to influence management to make the right changes.

Human Resources is in a position to review employee experience, analyze company policies, and review processes. These are visible and refinable areas that HR can change to make sure they align with the company’s culture.

Making employees feel valuable

Often employees do not feel appreciated by their company. This is one of the reasons why companies experience multiple job openings frequently. Employees want to be appreciated and they will move to a company that offers that enhancement.

HR can stop the revolving door by creating programs that show the employees that the company appreciates their work and behaviour. The following are ideas that help companies show their appreciation for their employees' contributions to the success of a company.

  • Provide a bursary to fund employee inventiveness and innovation.
  • Create a book-buying fund to provide employees access to new ideas.
  • If time is limited, provide catered lunches to the employees so they can remain focused on important duties.
  • Create different programs that support biking to work or carpooling, etc.
  • Create reward programs that help reward employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Those are just some ideas that the HR department can use to incorporate new hires into the company culture. Make sure eligibility includes the new hires.

4 Steps to help new hires fit in

Fitting in is what it is all about. If the new hire does not fit in with the current culture or employees, then expect to see some problems arise soon. Here are some ways to help new hires fit in right away and avoid those problems:

  • Recognise the behaviour the company wants- then look for those attitudes in candidates.
  • Hire those candidates who are excited about the company’s culture- these candidates fit in easier and faster.
  • Ensure that the company culture builds trust and psychological safety for all employees- new hires won’t fit in if they do not trust the company to do just that.
  • Make sure the company values are reasonable and reachable.
  • Listen to the employees to find areas where problems exist.

Some additional words

Employing ethical hiring practices helps the HR department find the right new hires. It also enables them to find the right people who can be incorporated into the company culture very easily.

This is not an easy task to fulfil as the HR department may have to interview a multitude of candidates before finding the perfect ones for the company’s culture. The ethical practices in recruitment and selection will help make this process more efficient.

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