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04 August 2023

Kaplunk.co.uk is a newly launched website that is designed to make recruitment easy for employers human resource teams and applicants in the United Kingdom, eliminating bottlenecks and heavy cost implications employers have experienced in the past.

Around the globe, the recruitment industry is a significant player in the job market, serving as a middleman between job seekers and employers. In the United Kingdom, the recruitment industry generates an annual turnover of £40 billion by charging employers for their services of finding suitable candidates for their job openings.

However, this focus on making money has resulted in the creation of an industry that often neglects the needs of both job applicants and employers.

In 2022 Kaplunk launched the first UK Employment Community Platform, for the sole use of the company's Human Resources Management teams and applicants alike. This will simplify the employment process for Human Resources and applicants, with a transformative approach to saving recruiter fees and promoting ethical recruitment.

Kaplunk is a unique platform for Human Resources teams that promotes diverse and inclusive working environments, eliminates the need for payments, fees, or commissions, and provides an ethical service where applicants within our community connect directly with the employers - no middlemen.

We thrive on the core values of accountability, transparency, integrity, and kindness.

Undoubtedly, Kaplunk is the revolution the recruitment industry in the United Kingdom has needed and now it has finally arrived.


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