Benefits Of Hiring Without Recruitment Agencies

07 February 2024

The job market today is highly competitive. Moreover, it also revolves around candidates. Gone are the days when employers had the last say! Today’s recruitment equally searches for employment and employee-related benefits. Since employment is expanding internationally with markets valued at billions of dollars, the recruiters will stop at nothing to present the right candidate to the employer.

However, the responsibility also lies with the employers, who must vet candidates at their behest. Unfortunately, they rely on recruitment agencies to find the right employee for the job. They pay the recruitment office to pool, filter, and interview employees. However, the trend is changing.

Here are a few reasons employers recruiting directly is becoming a common practice:

Why must companies not invest in UK recruitment agencies?

They are very expensive!

The UK recruitment agencies are extremely costly. They charge a minimum flat fee when the employer hires part or full-time employees. Moreover, they also seek a commission from the employee’s first salary. Consequently, they are taking money from the employer and the candidate. If the company hires multiple employees, the staffing company will consider each vacancy as its income.

When the employer incorporates direct jobs, no agencies are involved. The UK recruitment process involves paperwork and sorting, which the employer can do to save costs. Furthermore, the organisation also has a human resource department. The internal operations result in a better opportunity to hire the right person.

Generic services

A UK recruiting service performs general services not catering to a particular industry or niche. If the employer seeks concentrated services, they are likely to charge more. Because the UK requirement agencies are generic, they cannot decide on the right candidate for a technical position. As a result, inconsistencies in the business occur.

The organisation understands the requirements for the technical job post perfectly. Moreover, hiring directly also means the interviewer can ask the relevant questions and interview the candidate based on practicality. It makes the entire recruitment process a lot easier.

Selection issues

An HR department constantly communicates with the parent company. They are personally invested in the well-being of the organisation. Moreover, HR personnel also accurately understand the employees’ shortcomings. Therefore, hiring directly becomes personal. 
On the other hand, the employer is likely to face many communication challenges with UK recruitment agencies. For example, candidates do not know about hiring upgrades.

Moreover, the staffing company may not send the right candidates to the organisation. Today, the company’s perception is severely hurt if the candidates are left in the dark. They prefer to be part of every single process as they are vital to the organisation. 

Loss of communication

Hiring directly means no communication obstacles. The candidate and the business are aware of the protocol. Furthermore, the employer is open to receiving feedback from the employees to improve the organisation. The direct jobs-no agencies approach means the shareholders work together to achieve company aims. It prevents interacting with self-motivated recruitment agencies who do not keep their promises.

What to do instead of hiring a staffing company?

Create a job advertisement.

Firstly, the employer can create and filter the candidates according to recruitment laws UK. The company knows more about the vacancy and its background than anyone else. They can instruct a manager to create a job advert after online research. A catchy title and professional writing will certainly do the trick!

When the job advertisement is approved, the company can post it on its website and social media to ensure hiring directly.

Employee referrals

Secondly, do not take employee referrals lightly. These individuals are part of informal organisations comprising experts and other professionals. Therefore, the operating core is the best team to refer new employees. As a result, the company saves 15-20% of the commission that would have gone to UK recruitment agencies.

Create an HR department.

Lastly, the employer can also set up an HR department to recruit and retain employees. The company can transfer the entire UK recruitment process to them. If an agency can do it, HR experts surely can while saving time and money.

Work with Kaplunk for hire directly.

Kaplunk will minimise recruitment challenges between the employer and the employee. The platform was founded by an ex-employee exhausted by the tiresome bureaucratical procedure of the UK recruitment agencies.

Kaplunk is an ethical platform that aims to make UK recruiting seamless. We integrate the latest tools and filters for reliable results. Now you say goodbye to UK recruitment agencies focusing on employee pinching and manipulating clients. Visit to submit a job advert and become part of a historical, ethical employment movement. 

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