Who are Kaplunk

The creation of Kaplunk is to provide a platform for employers to share their opportunities with a diverse pool of talent. We believe this to benefit both employers and applicants so they can connect directly as a community without the need for a third party,

How was Kaplunk developed?

Kaplunk is a bespoke site designed with functionality specifically for a community platform. The platform was developed by a leading UK web developer and was built with significant integrated levels of security. 

Key benefits for an employer

  • Make significant savings in recruitment fees by posting their vacancies direct to the community. 
  • Post eight personalised screening questions with the option of applicant responses up to three hundred characters.
  • The ability to filter application responses.
  • Email notification to an employer when a position is applied for.
  • Post anonymously or publicly.

Key benefits for applicants

  • Data is not sold or shared.
  • Applicants apply directly to employers from a community platform. 
  • Exclusive Inclusive.
  • No recruitment companies

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